LogicTronix is Design Service Partner for Xilinx Kria-SoM for AI/ML

LogicTronix is selected as “Design Service Partner for AI/ML” for newly launched Xilinx Kria-SoM family of MPSoC FPGA Devices. LogicTronix Xilinx Kria SoM Partnership Link: Kria SoM-LogicTronix

The Kria family of MPSoC FPGA released at April 20th, 2021 and SoM built on it are best suited for accelerating “advanced computer vision applications” including video analytics, smart camera, machine vision etc. We already have developed some of our computer vision solutions on this KV260 kit and Kria K26 SoM, we will be releasing those high performing solutions very soon!
We are thankful to Xilinx Team for their support, opportunity and bringing us as “Alliance Member” and now “Design Service Partner” for Kria SoMs”.

Visit Xilinx Page for Kria SoM Partners: https://www.xilinx.com/products/som/kria.html#ai2
Picture: Xilinx KV260 FPGA Board including Kria SoM

Details of Kria SoM [Link] and more about KV260 [Link]