LogicTronix is FPGA Design and Machine Learning Company. We are Xilinx Certified Partner[Link] and Design Service Partner for Xilinx Kria SoM FPGA for AI/ML.

We provide 25+ IP Cores on Computer Vision, Crypto-graphic Hashing, HFT and AI/ML. LogicTronix provides Machine Learning Accelerated Solutions and Design Services over Edge and Cloud with FPGA/GPU.

Our Solutions and Services are targeted for Surveillance , Security , Video Analytics, Automotive and Finance.

For “Investment Opportunities at LogicTronix” please mail us at info@logictronix.com for Pitch Deck!
Or you can review our Slide-Deck for knowing more about us [LogicTronix Slide-Deck-AI_ML Acceleration [2022]-PDF]


“Democratizing AI Acceleration on Edge”!

Being top-notched “AI Acceleration Company”, Globally!

Offering Highly Optimized Vision-AI Solutions on Edge!

  • Offering market leading “AI Enabled edge based Solutions” for Smart City, Surveillance, Industrial and Medical Applications.
  • Providing turnkey solutions and design services on FPGA , Machine Learning Acceleration, Computer Vision, IP Core development and Embedded Development
Our Partners and Collaborators:
LogicTronix is collaborating with companies in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific on FPGA Design, Machine Learning , Electronic Hardware Design and  Robotics.
Our partners and collaborators are FPGA Device Manufacturer, IP Core companies and Product development companies targeted for Automotive, Industrial, Surveillance and Manufacturing Sectors.

For any queries about LogicTronix, our Solutions, IP Cores and Services, please write us at info@logictronix.com.