LogicTronix is partnering with AMD for ML acceleration targeting to Versal AI Core and AI Edge based platforms, currently we are harnessing compute power of VCK190, VEK280 platforms for ML workloads for multi-sensor, high resolution applications targeted for Automotive(ADAS/AD), SmartCity(Vision), Medical Imaging etc. These ML acceleration development can be migrated to any devices around Versal AI Core and AI edge.

AMD Versal stands in unique position for ML workload handling for multi-sensor and multi-platform solution which is one of demanding in Automotive and Medical Imaging field along with many other non-ML workloads like Sensor Processing, industrial Robotics Platform, Communication etc.

We will be releasing few developments and solutions (ML and non-ML) around Versal Platform by Q3/2024.

We use VCK190 and VEK280 as the prototyping platform for our development, those boards we have in-house.

If you are interested on knowing more about “LogicTronix’s development around ML Acceleration with Versal” then please write us at : info@logictronix.com.

Reference: LogicTronix Versal Videos

Picture: AMD Versal AI Core Platform, VCK190 Evaluation Kit

Picture: AMD Versal AI Edge Platform, VEK280- shown for Vitis AI Setup