LogicTronix is Design Service Partner of Xilinx Kria SoM for AI/ML. Know more about Xilinx-LogicTronix Partnership[Link]

LogicTronix has published multiple “resources, white paper and tutorials” for Vitis AI, DPU TRD and DNNDK for “Machine Learning Acceleration on MPSoC FPGA and Accelerator Cards (Alveo and VCU1525). We are developing solutions with Xilinx Vitis-AI, DNNDK and DPU IP Cores since 2019 (early release of DNNDK).

LogicTronix Machine Learning Acceleration Flow on FPGA

Here are our DPU TRD (Targeted Reference Design) for different MPSoC boards with different DPU IP Version!

DPU TRD by LogicTronix

  1. DPU (3.0) TRD for ZCU106
  2. DPU TRD for ZCU104
  3. DPU TRD for Ultra96 Board
  4. Yolov3 tiny with DNNDK
  5. Deephi DNNDK Tutorial for Ultra96
For accelerating any neural network or application on Vitis AI, DPU IP core with MPSoC FPGA, please contact us at: