White Paper and Reference Guide from Digitronix Nepal (LogicTronix) on FPGA Design

Following are the white paper and reference guide on FPGA Design from Digitronix Nepal. If you need this resources then do send us Email at:

  1. Verilog/VHDL and Tcl Reference Guide
  2. PCIe Terminologies (from PCI to PCIe Gen 3): Whilte Paper
  3. White paper document on PCIe Gen4 new features and it’s applications
  4. VIVADO Design suit Reference Guide
  5. Reference Guide on Xilinx’s DMA Subsystem for PCIe: XDMA Example Design, Driver Installation, Debugging and Analysis Guide.
  6. lspci and setpci Reference Manual for Xilinx PCIe IP
  7. lspci and setpci scripts for automatic report generation and analysis
  8. Answer Record on Debugging at Device Startup (VIVADO ILA Trigger at Startup)
  9. Reference Guide: FPGA Design with OpenCL
  10. Reference Manual: Very High Speed Packet Processing System and Architecture: FPGA and Heterogeneous Computing Methodology
  11. Tcl Scripting for VIVADO Design’s for automation and Design/Verification: Reference Guide
  12. AXI PCIe and MIG based design with Xilinx 7 Series, Ultrascale and Ultrascale+ FPGA’s.

FPGA IP Design, Development and Marketing Resources of LogicTronix/Digitronix Nepal

                                    Human Resources and Development Resources
A.FPGA Researcher (Designer): 4
Designing the VHDL/Verilog core for communication, networking products.
Roles:VHDL/Verilog/tcl Command based on VIVADO Design Suit and Simulation Programs.
Working on design/required framework, language and systems.
B.Project Lead:
Roles: Project Architect, Project Breakdown and Team Mobilization
Project Experience:  IP Design for Applications as  Image Processing, Networking (High Speed Packet Processing), Serial Communication (UART, I2C)
Architect for  Projects based in Tcl and Providing IP’s Secure Utilization in Other Top Modules.
C. FPGA IP Marketing and Analysts: 2
Experienced on FPGA/ASIC based  IP Market Analysis and Product marketing in different customer requirements.
D. Support and Sales: Few
Support team works on frequent communication with customer, support person have specialization on each product streams of IP’s while FPGA Researcher will support on much complex issues.
Sales person will communicate customers from early product demonstration to product sales.
E. Hardware Resource Available:
Xilinx Kinte KC705 Development Board: 1 Pieces
Xilinx Zybo FPGA Development Board: 2 Pieces
Spartn 3e and 6 Boards: 2 Pieces(each)
F. Development Tools:
VIVADO with Licenses: 5 Full Node Locked Licenses

Computers: 5 (with 8 GB+ RAM and Latest Processor

We have pool of resources while as our need we utilize those resources for Projects Design, Implementation, Sales and Marketing