High Level Synthesis

High Level Synthesis is new approach on FPGA Design with C/C++ Language. We can Create new project on HLS, Run C Simulation on HLS, Synthesize the HLS Project’s which converts C/C++ Source in to Verilog/VHDL and System C, Run C/RTL Co-simulation, Implement HLS Design in to IP core Format or Exporting HLS Design to VIVADO IPI.

After getting about the HLS Methodology you will be able to Design, Simulate,Synthesize and Implement/Export HLS projects. HLS includes large number of C/C++ Libraries for Computer Vision (OpenCV), Video/Image Processing and Mathematical Computations which is very much complex while implementing on HDL/RTL. So HLS is flexible and easy way for implementing such AI and Math Algorithm on FPGA.

FPGA Design with VIVADO HLS Online Courses:


In this course you are going to do lab on Design, Simulation , Synthesis and Implementation (Export Design) of Counter, Matrix Multiplier, Frequency Modulator, Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO Design) in C++. You will also integrate the exported HLS project with Zynq Processing System at VIVADO IP Integrator and Synthesize, Implement the Project on VIVADO IPI.

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High Level Synthesis Tutorials: