PYNQ Z2 Tutorials

LogicTronix & Digitronix Nepal’s Tutorials on PYNQ-Z2 FPGA:

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Fact: You can do most of project of PYNQ-Z1 into PYNQ-Z2 with PYNQ OS.  While the PYNQ-Z2 have FPGA chip which have little more logical resources than PYNQ-Z1 FPGA.

1. PYNQ-Z2 Unboxing and Demo Session

2. PYNQ-Z1 vs. PYNQ-Z2
  • Basically, PYNQ Z2 and Z1 are mostly similar FPGA device but from two vendors, Z1 from Digilent and Z2 from TUL
  • PYNQ Z2 have the 40 pin GPIO header as Raspberry PI, while Z1 dont have this.
  • PYNQ Z1 have inboard Microphone while Z2 need to connect with external microphone from one of two different audio interface.

More differences from

To buy PYNQ-Z1 or PYNQ-Z2:

Webpage Digilent PYNQ-Z1 webpage TUL PYNQ-Z2 webpage

For any queries you can write to: or post at PYNQ support forum.