Our Services

  1. FPGA Design and Development
  2. IP Design and Verification
  3. IP Migration
  4. Skill Enhancement on FPGA Design
  5. Complete System Design and Architecting with FPGA (Zynq FPGA for Embedded Application)
  6. Software Development & Driver Development [Linux/Windows]
  7. Tcl Scripting & Bash Scripting
  8. Developing System for Computer Vision with FPGA [Xilinx Zynq FPGA’s]
  9. Implementation of Algorithm on High Level Synthesis[HLS], SDSoC and VIVADO.
  10. Linux driver development
  11. Embedded System development with SoC FPGA’s.
  12. Consulting on FPGA Selection, Design Methodology and Product Development.


Our Online Courses at Udemy, targeted for enthusiast on FPGA Development: Link

For your interest and more information about our services or products, please write to: info@logictronix.com or sales@logictronix.com