LogicTronix is developing solutions for Finance mainly targeting High Frequency Trading (HFT) and AI/ML based algorithmic trading solutions for Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Forex and other financial instruments.

We have developed the ultra-low-latency HFT Infrastructure Pipeline based on FPGA, which have targeted latency (whole loop latency) of <500ns. We fused AI/ML and Reinforcement Learning for algorithmic trading for providing semi-autonomous or autonomous solution for traders, hedge funds and investment banks.

We have two main streams of solution on Finance!

1. HFT Solution:

Providing Infrastructure Solutions and support on deployment of High Frequency Trading (HFT) Solutions for North American and Europen Markets. We create HFT infrastructures based on FPGA and GPU. And we accelerate HFT logical modules as TCP, Order Book, FIX/FAST protocol, OUCH/ITCH Protocol on FPGAs.

  1. Order Book IP Core for HFT : Ultra-low latency OrderBook for HFT : IP Product Guide [Download]. The LogicTronix’s orderbook IP provides ultra low latency & area efficient design with 43 ns latency supporting more than 27-73 symbols each with upto 32768 ask/bid orders inside the VU9P FPGA.
  2. OUCH Protocol Engine IP Core for High Frequency Trading with FPGA [SBL025]: PDF Link
  3. ITCH Protocol Engine IP Core for High Frequency Trading with FPGA [SBL026] : PDF Link
LogicTronix-Webinar on “HFT with FPGA” , Date: Feb 7th 2022
Powerpoint of “Webinar on HFT”: PDF [Link]

2. AI/ML with Finance:

Automation on Trading of Stocks, Forex and other financial instruments. We implement Traditional Trading Strategies along with Machine Learning & Reinforcement Learning (+ Deep RL) for optimization of performance/tick and minimizing the risk while making buy/sale order. Our solution works in-fusion of AI/MLwith traditional trading strategies as PSAR, ADX, EMA, MACD, WAE etc for Stocks, Bonds, ETF and Forex. Our Solution is Machine Learning based solution which can provide semi-automated and automated decision feature for Traders, Hedge Funds and Investment Banks. These solution works at Cloud based platform so traders, funds or banks use it very intuitively from cloud based UI.

For more details on “HFT with FPGA+GPU” or “AI/ML-RL in Finance” please write us at : info@logictronix.com