LogicTronix ANPR Solution

Real-time Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition(ANPR) Solution for Edge and Cloud

We are releasing our “Real time vehicle license plate detection and recognition solution, ANPR. Our ANPR solution is highly competitive in terms of “Cost per Stream (CPS) and performance” than the available solution on market.

This solution is targeting to Private/Public Parking and already implementing over Asia Pacific, EU and NA regions!

Features of this solution are:

  1. Our ANPR is complete Edge based solution cloud based application is an additional feature!
  2. Developed with Xilinx MPSoC [EV / EG Series] FPGA platform, works with Xilinx Kria SoM, and multi-vendor SoMs on Xilinx MPSoC,
  3. GUI Functionality for easy User Interface,
  4. Work for standard number plates as well as number plates in regional language!
  5. Can took multiple RTSP/IP-camera streams (2-3) depending on the configuration and requirement,
  6. Ready to deploy and plug-and-play solution,
  7. Customers can get timely Solution-Update with “Additional Features” on request, remote feature update functionality.

For getting more detail about our ANPR Solution, please follow our Solution link at Xilinx Website: https://www.xilinx.com/products/intellectual-property/1-1dt436e.html

Picture: ANPR GUI- window

Our ANPR/ALPR [Automatic LicensePlate Recognition] Solution works on Xilinx Edge based FPGA devices as MPSoC [ZU4EV+, KV260 and Kria SoM FPGAs]. LogicTronix is Xilinx Alliance Member [Link] and Design Service Partner for Kria SoM FPGAs [Link]. So our solution is easily portable to any SoM and MPSoC FPGA having resources higher than ZU4EV. Higher the FPGA device will result higher number of streams and performance (FPS). This solution works with SoM or FPGA modules made by most of the top SoM vendors, we will be releasing specific products with those vendor based SoM very soon!

Our Solution also provide Cloud based Analytics platforms so customer can monitor the Parking facilities , status and details of parking remotely. And our solution work on the major regions of license plates for different analytics application, so it is easily portable to other regions as North America, Europe and Asia.

Here is the early preview of the working demo targeted to Toll Booth in India.

Picture: ANPR Solution demo-preview from the Toll Booth in India

Applications of our ANPR Solutions are on:

  1. Traffic Video Analytics and Smart City
  2. Private Parking and Public Parking
  3. Tool Plaza or Booths
  4. Traffic Management and Enforcement

Aside of “completely-edge based ANPR/ALPR solution” our cloud based solution is also coming to market, it have more wider range, feature and capability.

ANPR Demo- Xilinx Kria Webinar 2022:

For the evaluation of LogicTronix ANPR on your edge devices (Kria SoM-KV260, MPSoC Boards as Avnet Ultra96v2) or cloud platforms, please write us at info@logictronix.com.