LogicTronix Kria SoM App

LogicTronix Kria Application is plug-and-play application for Xilinx Kria SoM (K26 SoM, KV260 and KR260) platforms. Our Kria App available via Xilinx Kria App store is for evaluation purpose which has GUI feature along with “Vehicle License Plate Detection + Recognition (ANPR) and 8 Stream + 8/Multi ML Model Inferencing”. As evaluation, we have defined support of ANPR (License plate format of India-English) and 8 or 6 or 4 Stream inferencing feature with 3 different ML Models. This Kria app also have single USB camera enabled feature to take the camera stream and perform the ML model over it.

On full-fledged version we have multiple feature as: support to English as well as Regional Language based vehicle license plates(Japan Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia), multiple ML Models, multiple USB/RTSP/IAS/ONVIF Camera input support.

Learn more about LogicTronix ANPR and its field test demo from Thailand and India: www.logictronix.com/our-solutions/logictronix-anpr-solution/

Our Kria App consists of mainly two feature:

  1. ANPR (Vehicle Licnese Plate Detection and Recognition) Solution
  2. 8 Channel + 8 ML-Model Inferencing with Kria and 4K Video Pipeline

Following is the Block Diagram of our Kria App:

How to evaluate LogicTronix Kria APP?

LogicTronix provide the Kria App via Xilinx App store as well as via email request for evaluation. Here are the test steps:

  1. We provide WIC image of Kria App based on Petalinux/Vitis 2020.2.2 version, download it,
  2. Burn the Image in SD card,
  3. Connect UART and ethernet, boot up with Kria Board , and find out IP Address of Kria board via UART terminal,
  4. Connect the Kria board via SSH,
  5. Enable the display,
  6. Run the “anpr-multichannel8” application,
  7. After running this app, the SSH GUI will opened up at HOST PC (Ubuntu) from which user can plug and play the ANPR, multi-channel(8/6/4) + Multi Model ML inferencing,
  8. The output is displayed on 4K monitor which ANPR inside Kria App can also work without 4K display monitor.

Demo of our Kria App can also be watched at:

With our Kria App, we are also showcasing our design service and offerings on Machine learning acceleration with Xilinx Kria SoM platform along with Xilinx MPSoC Families.

LogicTronix is “Design Service Partner for AI/ML for Xilinx Kria SoM”

For design service and support request on Kria SoM or MPSoC, please write us at info@logictronix.com.