LogicTronix Technologies is FPGA Design and Machine Learning Acceleration Company. LogicTronix offer IP Cores for Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, Machine Learning Acceleration, Cryptographic Hashing and High Frequency Trading applications. LogicTronix is offering IP cores in Cost/Resource optimized FPGA families and devices targeted for Computer Vision and Cryptographic Hashing. LogicTronix IP cores are performance and resource optimized IP cores. LogicTronix IP cores are now used by customers around 10 countries over major regions.

Available IP

LogicTronix is offering following IP cores based in SmartHLS Flow/Methodology.

IP Cores for Image and Video Processing:

  1. Bad Pixel Correction (BPC)
  2. NUC with shutterless offset correction  
  3. NUC(2 point) at room temperature
  4. Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  5. Color Palette (Thermal palette)
  6. Global Image Enhancement (Histogram EQ-HEQ, Gamma Correction-GC)
  7. Local Image Enhancement(CLAHE, LCC)
  8. Contrast enhancement
  9. Sharpness enhancement
  10. Alpha blending
  11. Edge enhancement
  12. Digital Zooming

Resource Utilization of above IP Cores:

Following table shows the resource utilization* ** of LogicTronix Computer Vision IP Cores targeted for Cost/Resource Optimized FPGAs.

S.N Name           Resources IP/Algorithm LUT FF BRAM
1.  Bad Pixel Correction 599 590 3
  2. 2 point NUC with shutterless offset correction (with ambient compensation and other polynomials) 2292 2231 0
3. 2 point NUC at room temperature(without ambient compensation) 2291 2231 0
4.  AGC 5000 2500 3
5. Color Palette(Thermal palette) 671 420 6
6. Global Image Enhancement (Histogram EQ-HEQ, Gamma Correction-GC) 2588 2771 3
7. Local Image Enhancement(CLAHE, LCC) 4000 3500   0
8.Contrast enhancement 5336 4052 4
9. Sharpness enhancement 1270 1272 15
10. Alpha blending 273 242 0
11. Edge enhancement 378 637 0
12.Digital Zoom Implementation 3000 2000 10

* All these resource utilization is based on standard configuration of algorithms, for details of IP configuration please contact LogicTronix Technologies Pvt. Ltd at info@logictronix.com

** According to IP Customization the resource utilization will also change

Applications of Partner IP Cores for Cost/Resource Optimized FPGA Portfolio

  • Thermal Imaging,
  • Medical Imaging and Medical Devices,
  • Computer Vision and Machine Vision for Industrial Automation, Robotics, Surveillance and Automotive applications,
  • Video processing and image fusion with optimized performance and latency,
  • Encryption and Decryption platforms.

Standard Deliverables

  • IP Core, Netlist, or RTL source code,
  • Complete IP documentation,
  • Standalone and self-checking testbench and verification environment,
  • Sample Simulation and Place & Route supports,
  • 30 days of technical support included, with optional annual support services coverage available to add.

Additional Services and Expertise

LogicTronix Technologies provides the following additional services and expertise to help designers optimize IP designs in Resource Optimized FPGAs:

  • Customization of IP Cores
  • Annual maintenance for updates and ongoing technical support
  • System architecture and design consulting services

Contact Information

For additional information, contact LogicTronix Technologies at:

LogicTronix Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Email: ip-sales@logictronix.com or info@logictronix.com
Web: www.logictronix.com