Our Projects

Our Projects (Completed):

  1. Machine Learning Implementation on FPGA for ADAS, Pose detection and different real world applications.
  2. Real time Vehicle & Pedestrian counting with FPGA & Machine Learning
  3. Crypto Algorithm Implementation on FPGA
  4. Object Tracking with high speed FPGA [Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC] and SDSoC
  5. Computer Vision with FPGA and VIVADO [HLS+IPI+SDK]
  6. FPGA Design with Xilinx SDSoC, XfOpenCV and OpenCV algorithm implementation for computer vision application.
  7. Canny Edge Optimization with High Level Synthesis (HLS), Acceleration of Canny Edge Algorithm on Zynq FPGA.
  8. CNN/BNN Implementation with Pynq FPGA for Optimizing Face Recognition
  9. Zynq Ultrascale+MPSoC Development Online Course
  10. Embedded System Design with Zynq FPGA Online Course
  11. Optimization & Acceleration of Artificial Neural Network on FPGA
  12. AES Encryption and Decryption IP Design
  13. UART IP Design in VIVADO Platform for Xilinx FPGA’s
  14. Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Design and Implementation with Xilinx VIVADO/ISE
  15. Face Recognition with Artificial Neural Net (CNN/BNN)
  16. Shortest Path algorithm implementation on FPGA for Travelling Salesman Problem.
  17. Acceleration of  Neural Network (C Code optimization) on HLS and FPGA
  18. ALU Design,simulation and Seven Segment Module Design,Simulation & Implementation
  19. Microprocessor (having similar operation capability to intel 8085/8086) Design, Simulation and Implementation

If you are interested on this project, then do let us at info@logictronix.com . We can port/migrate this project as your requirement within few days.

Other Projects:

  1. Tcl Scripting of VIVADO IPI design flow for Xilinx 7 series and Ultrascale FPGA’s
  2. Embedded Linux Development based on FPGA
  3. High Speed Packet Processing Analysis and Patent Review
  4. Reference Guide Preparation on VHDL/Verilog/Tcl

As of the “Democratizing FPGA Education all over the World” initiative, we also host few Online Courses on FPGA Design at Udemy: Link