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Acceleration of Canny Edge Detection with VIVADO HLS 

LogicTronix/Digitronix Nepal has design, test and implemented “Accelerated Canny Edge Detection with VIVADO HLS”.

Here is the Real image and Canny edge detected image:

(Real Colored Image Source: XAPP1167, Xilinx)

Edge Detected Image by our Accelerate Canny Algorithm

Here is the complete block diagram of the canny algorithm on HLS:

Main Outlines of Canny Algorithm:

  1. Image has been taken from the FMC/HDMI source, it has been converted into AXI format
  2. AXI into MATRIX has been done, then RGBtoGRAY has been accomplished
  3. Sobel Edge calculation, Gradient Decomposition
  4. Non-Maximum Supression, Hysterisis (Edge Highlighting)
  5. MATRIX into AXI Data
  6. AXI -HDMI interconnect by FMC HDMI IP
  7. Real time Video on HDMI Display of 1080p/720p

Where Step 2-5 has been processed by Accelerated HLS IP and Step 1 and Step 6 are done by FMC HDMI IP (among which some block are available at VIVADO IP integrator)

For more details please write us at: info@logictronix.com or digitronixnepali@gmail.com