LogicTronix IP Portfolio

LogicTronix is “Xilinx Alliance Member” and “Design Service Partner for AI/ML for Kria SoM FPGA”. We are marketing our own IP via Xilinx IP Page: https://www.xilinx.com/alliance/memberlocator/1-1dturdk.html#products

Our Portfolio IP ranges on following Streams/Applications:

A. Computer/Machine Vision , Machine Learning and AI Inferencing:

  1. ANPR Solution :Real time License Plate Recognition Solution, it is low cost Edge based solution fused with Machine Learning in which our solution detect and recognize the vehicle license plates in real time with the IP camera input. It cost effective solution and can also process multi-stream camera input. Our ANPR solution is deployed for our customers for smart-parking applications in different regions including Asia-Pacific, North America and South-East Asia.
  2. Non-Uniform Correction (NUC)-IP Core is used by our customer for Machine Vision Application and Thermal Imaging Applications: IP Product Guide- PGL031 and Example Design for Xilinx 7 Series FPGA
  3. Thermal Color Profile (ThCP) IP core is applied for Machine Vision, Thermal Imaging , Industrial and Biomedical Applications: IP Product Guide-PGL032 and Example Design for Xilinx 7 Series FPGA
  4. Auto Contrast Enhancement (ACE) IP Core is the IP core deployed for Thermal Imaging Applications: IP Product Guide-PGL033 and Example design for Xilinx 7 series FPGA

B. Cryptographic Hashing Function IP cores

  1. HAMSI-512 : The HAMSI IP Core is a fully pipelined architecture with very high throughput and initiation interval of 1 running at 600MHz. It is one of SHA-3 candidate in NIST hash function competition. Hamsi cryptographic hash function can be used on security, FinTech, Encryption and decryption etc applications.
  2. SHAvite-3 : The SHAvite-3 Core is hash function core running at very high 35.7 GBps throughput with fully pipelined architecture .It is optimized to run at high frequency of 600Mhz in VU9P & VU13P. SHAvite-3’s compression functions are secure against cryptanalysis, while the selected mode of iteration offers maximal security against black box attacks on the hash function. SHAvite-3 is both fast and resource-efficient, making it suitable for a wide range of environments.
  3. SIMD-512 Hash Core : SIMD Core is cryptographic hash function IP core with fully pipelined architecture and it is optimized to run at 600Mhz in VU9P & VU13P. It is designed to operate on 512 bits of input and output. The most important component of SIMD is its message expansion, which is designed to give a high minimum distance.
  4. 13 Different Cryptographic Hash Functions Core: This IP core is bundle of 13 different SHA-3 competitor cryptographic hash functions originally submitted to NIST hash competition.All these cores are fully pipelined & deliver 35.7GBps throughput. In this bundle of cores we have SHA-3, Keccak, Blake, Grostl, JH, Skein Cores that got selected for NIST round 3 and BMW, Echo, Shabal, Cubehash, Fugue and Luffa from NIST round 2. We also have Whirlpool hash function on this bundle. It is primarily targeted for extremely high throughput applications with input and output width of 512-bit while the Core can be modified for any bit-width and range of applications like Security, FinTech and Encryption/Decryption.

For IP Cores, Support and Design Services, please contact us at: info@logictronix.com or write us at ip-sales@logictronix.com .